More Wallpapers

Phoenix here again, to advertise the fact that I did another collab with Andy. That lazy arse is too lazy to update his own site.


11 Nov 2011 by Phoenix

Eva Wallpaper

Andy is lazy. New wallpaper in Wallpapers.

05 Feb 2011 by Phoenix

Seriously, Who Runs This Site?

Guess who? Phoenix again, posting for Andy. We've collaborated for the second time, bringing you our latest wallpaper. Best thing about it is that it's designed for HD screens. Or maybe because it's Gundam Wing...

16 Apr 2010 by Phoenix

Updates Again Because That Guy Is Too Lazy

Check out the Wallpaper section for a collab between that guy and yours truly...

03 Sep 2009 by Phoenix

Hostile Takeover

Phoenix here, updating for Andy...

Not so new BLEACH wallpaper added.

16 Aug 2009 by Phoenix


I was never here...

oh new wall

...seee you in helllllllllllll

31 May 2009 by Andy

New bleach fanart/wallpaper


17 Nov 2008 by Andy

Told you I wasn't dead...

updated the wallpaper section with "Red" made from my own CG artwork

well...I'm off for another few months...

27 Aug 2008 by Andy

Not Dead...

I'll update something later

22 Jul 2008 by Andy

EPIC!! Metal Gear Solid 4 EPIC!! A Review by Bojan [No Spoilers]

Reader Discretion is Advised: The following review is Bojan's own opinion, and while some comparisons and metaphors used may seem exaggerated, keep in mind the Bojan is being dead serious.


What is the meaning of the word Epic? Epic was the story of Odysseus, Epic were the pyramids, and Epic is the Great Wall. But in the digital age, Epic is Metal Gear Solid 4. This game is a testament of the power of storytelling, and the power of a storyteller.

Hideo Kojima is the Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo of our time. A great artist, thinker, philosopher, and storyteller, with no match in his field to speak off.

For the first time ever, we can say that video games have entered into the world of film and literature, as legitimate forms of art and expression, thanks to this masterpiece.

I of course will not divulge anything about the plot as that would be an act equal to a mortal sin.

But nonetheless, I did not only enjoy this game, enjoy the boss fights, enjoy the eater eggs. But even the few little things that bothered me would get forgotten within seconds because I'd be too drawn into the story, the cutscenes, or the gameplay.

The gameplay is whole new level above the gameplay [and especially camera] of previous MGS's.

Additionally it allows you to skip all cutscenes, and next to an excellent [although team-based] multiplayer, it has so many layers of depth to the gameplay that its replay value is huge. There are tons of hidden items, awards for finishing the game in certain ways, and many other bonuses. I will if and when I can buy a PS3 just so that I can replay this game at least two more times to completely understand everything that happend. Just like I'd watch a great movie more then once.

[Also Andy's upper floor bathroom was getting renovated and there was noise that blocked out some of the lines in cutscenes, and some other distractions.]

The only true complaint I have is that MGS4 is so good that there is no single player game on any console that can even touch it, it's raised the bar so high for pure Epicness that every other game fails in comparison.

There might be people that genuinely don't like it cuz its not their type of game, and I will not pretend to understand them or try and figure out what's wrong with them. :D Although at least they are better then those who blindly follow games that are the equivalent of ants next to titans.

No director in the world could've made what Hideo did, and we won't be seeing a game like MGS4 for a long time.

It is officially my faveourite game of all time.

24 Jun 2008 by Bojan

New Short Film Added!

Hey all it's Bojan here, if you click on the short films tab you'll see one of my short film projects. It was made with film not video...edited in Final Cut was the biggest production to date. As we did blocking [actor movement] and pre-lighting for weeks before. On the day of the shoot it took as about 9 hours to finish. We had a large cast of extra's and several actors. We we played some parts ourselves. I'm the gangsta in the shawl, glasses, and blue sweatshirt pretending to rap.....yea I know but it's fucking hilarious.

This film was written, produced, edited, directed etc. By myself, Kyle Bodanis and Jon Neal.

31 Jan 2008 by Bojan

More Shit....

New Category

Film & Video

Short Flims - Will post short films done during Bojan's school year

Process Video - Will post painting process and demonstration videos here

Updated Sections

CG Artwork - Added a speedpainting, and a CG of Uchiha Madara

Crap and Scrap - Added some sketchpaintings, acrylic paintings, and marker sketches from both Art Fundamentals and last semester.

and as you may have noticed...I've gotten that goddamn, motherfucking, player back up...

22 Jan 2008 by Andy

Once Again...Another Enormous Update


Thanks to my laziness, it takes a lot of time for me to update...


sections I've updated:

~ CG Artwork
~ Miscellaneous
~ About

new section

~ Crap and Scrap <---- like the name...I will upload all my crap and scraps my life drawing

On a totally unrelated note, Tekkonkinkreet....WATCH uses some of the greatest animation techniques I've ever seen, and it has intriguing characters and storylines as well

P.S. as there is little chance in hell that I will update again before Christmas... MERRY FUCKIN' CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR...

14 Dec 2007 by Andy

Enormous Update...

1 piece

CG Artworks:
6 pieces

3 Tutorials

1 piece check them out

06 Oct 2007 by Andy

Ichigo Vs Grimmjaw Digital Painting + Wallpaper's in the "CG Artwork" Section and "Wallpapers" section
...there might not be an update for a while...I'm getting a bit of the laziness spell here...

10 Jul 2007 by Andy

New stuff I guess...

errm...crappy wallpaper

errm...some school assignments in the "Drawing" section Spawn signature in the "Signatures" section

errm...that is all...

05 Jul 2007 by Andy

"Original" character illustration

why the quotes? because it's not very technique or characterwise

but oh well...

anyways check it out in the "CG Artwork" section

26 Jun 2007 by Andy

Transformers Stuff + Sig

speedpaint of Starscream and the wallpaper version up in the "CG Artwork" and "Wallpapers" section

Also new Metal Gear Acid signature

09 Jun 2007 by Andy

Venom Lineart + Full CG

sooo...yea in the Drawings and CG Artwork sections...

21 May 2007 by Andy

Updated Layout + Jukebox

I don't think I need to post this news...but I guess for the people who aren't so bright...I've updated the layout, so it doesn't take a kajillion seconds to load the images on the site...hopefully this layout is only a temp and I can get a flash version up sometime...

and also a new jukebox...

Edit: Also check out the "Artists and Links" section...there are links to some pretty amazing artwork there.

13 May 2007 by Andy

New KOF Wallpaper...

because I'm on break...and I'm bored as fuck...and my insomnia is back...sorta...

30 Apr 2007 by Andy

Spawn Digital Painting + Spawn Sig Because Spawn rules...

yea updated the drawing section with a Spawn digi-paint and the signature section with a spawn sig...

I think that's all...

26 Apr 2007 by Andy


I updated the 3d "Works-in-Progress" section with a Cityscape thingamabobber that i'm working on right now

and I also updated the drawings section with a crappy speedpaint of venom....


15 Apr 2007 by Andy

New update in the 2d graphics misc section...

as the title states...just an assignment I did for 2d design...a very late assignment...that I should hand in soon...

27 Mar 2007 by Andy

New Sig Again...

New spider-man sig in the "Signatures" section...scroll down...if you can't find's in the 300x100 section...once again another 15-20 min sig...I really should put more effort in what I do >_>

shit...skipped class again...

19 Mar 2007 by Andy

Updated Sections...

recently updated the signature section with a 15 minute signature, and the misc. section with an old piece of work I found on my hdd...

anyways enjoy I guess...

11 Mar 2007 by Andy

New Wallpaper/Digital Painting

yea another digital painting from the form of a wallpaper, this time of Mina Majikina from Samurai Spirits...only she's been made to look evil...


20 Feb 2007 by Andy

Shadow Loremaster

Well here's my third characters the Loremaster, originally he wasn't supposed to look so shady. And the hair was supposed to be like the huntress' hair where its hidden because hes wearing a hood.

But after watching several hours of Naruto the Ninja kickassery rubbed off on my imagination and he gained a mask like Kakashi and I've told the owner of the character that he must never let anyone take down the mask or take it off himself. Of course I also had to give him the obligatory scar over the eye...Cuz even though its an Anime Cliche, its so fucking cool.

This is also the first time I have successfully pulled of the top half of a face. The mask saved me from drawing a mouth and nose. I only drew one eye, the other on is just a mirrored copy....So basically the only work I did was drawing an eye and eyebrow... maybe next time I'll draw half a nose and half a mouth and have a complete face...hmmm

I screwed up on the body I realize that but I don't care enough to fix it.

Andy says that since I finished it in half the time of every other piece or more I think it took me 6 hours. Usually takes me 15-18hours. In a single day. ...where was I. Yea since I finished so quickly I should start working with opacity for shading instead of smudge.....

crying sad But I love my smudge...

28 Jan 2007 by Bojan

New Wallpaper Once Again

If you've looked around the site, you might have noticed a new wallpaper from a few days ago...fuck...I hate winter...

anyways enjoy

26 Jan 2007 by Andy

Rohan Rider

Here is yet another addition to the Fellowship of Vengeance set. The Rohan Rider.

I didn't put a lot of effort into the sword so I have to fix that and I have to fix the colouring of wood for the spear. Everything else i final.

2 down 4 more to go.

15 Jan 2007 by Bojan

New Wallpaper/original/unoriginal artwork

uh...yea new digipainting/wallpaper in the wallpaper section...

09 Jan 2007 by Andy

Elf Huntress

Ok I'm not gonna go all Oscar Speech here, but I have to thank Andy for the graphics tablet and for his help as well as Idnar for making a kickass tutorial that helped a bit [still not doing everything but it helped.]

This is my first ever photoshop drawing, its for an RPG I'm drawing people's character so they can see what armour, clothing and weapons their characters are wearing so face's don't necessarily matter. And i can't do faces yet.

Anyways I hope you guys like's nothing compared to Andy's stuff and the rest of you more experienced people, but I've been told that for the first piece it's pertty good.


5 more to come.

P.S. I love the smudge tool.

08 Jan 2007 by Bojan

Jason @ need's your help...

Yea, as the title states.

for more info, click here

26 Dec 2006 by Andy

New Wallpaper...

It's an MGS wallpaper...


10 Dec 2006 by Andy

New WIP in 3d section

as the title states...experimenting with character modelling in 3dsmax...

well I'm out...

24 Nov 2006 by Andy

Sooo bored...oh yea, a new banner too..

aaack...classes don't start till January for I have a lot of free time to make sigss, hence, the new sig, and there'll be more to come...only I won't post it on the news, so just check the signatures section when you feel like it

13 Sep 2006 by Andy

New Half-Life 2 Wallpaper

Actually it's not really a wallpaper it's a digital painting done in widescreen wallpaper resolution tongue

but also a modified version for those of you who don't use widescreen

Why Half-Life? because I want to take a step back from anime...

10 Sep 2006 by Andy

Some New Sketches

erhm...yea new sketches using the semi-realistic anime style thingy in the drawings section... inspired by iDNAR...look him up...he's an amazing artist.

also provoked to get off my lazy ass and draw by the amazing artists I saw at the FanExpo...

05 Sep 2006 by Andy

Andy finally did it!!

Well as you can obviously the the website just got a much needed update. Andy finally updated it and it looks great. He also wanted me to tell you to clear your cache or the pages won't look right.

I hope you all like it!

In other news, my Dreadnaught is nearing completion. Andy and I are planning a little animation for you all once I finish this ship and start on a couple more. We'll try and do the best we can but don't expect ILM or Pixar quality because we don't have the million dollar machines to make effects but a program called combustion. As for sound I'll try and dig up some sound effects and music to fit...crap im rambling on again. Well later g2 get back to work on the project.

In further news we'll be getting a paypal donation button thingy so if you're crazy enough...and you think we or rather mostly Andy has done some impressive work and deserves your donations as a commendation for his/our work you can send it in.

16 Aug 2006 by Bojan

I actualy did something...! :D

Well if you check in the WiP section you'll see a brand new spiffy...thing...err yea it looks weird or so I'm told. But it's my attempt at a space battleship. Andy helped me with the texture...I finally know how. So thank you and Andy and thank god for the tool known as "Pwr Boolean". Also 3dsmax didn't crash..for once it must've been my lucky day. Anyways enough of my pointless ranting, go check out the model. Hope you like it. tongue

Click "Read More" for some quick information about the ship, in case you're a sci-fi geek and want to know the ships fictional capabilities.

12 Aug 2006 by Bojan

Special VE Forum Banner Competition

"We are trying to get more people on the forum, so I'm holding a special banner competition

Top Prize: $20 Paypal or Ebay giftcard

for more information click here

you must be registered at the forum first though"

Quoting join the forums...and the contest

28 Jul 2006 by Andy

Updated Sections

I updated the Signatures section with an old SOTW sig

Also the UT Mod 3d models and Work in Progress sections are updated with a somewhat finished AK-47 by me and a FN FAL in progress by Phil


20 Jul 2006 by Andy

New Wallpaper and Other news

From Metal Gear Solid 3 because I've recently become addicted to the series...

Other news:

-Something amusing for MGS fans
The Last Days of Foxhound

-join the damn forums

-and site might be shutting down in a month...depending on whether or not I'm broke by then

04 Jun 2006 by Andy

New Ava/Siggy Set

Yea...its in the ava + sig section


28 Apr 2006 by Andy

Somewhat Large Update

New Wallpaper from the series Air Gear

New Venom + Carnage signature

New Vector/CG of Ringo in the misc. section

Once again....


*points towards the forums....

26 Mar 2006 by Andy

Weeee...New Sig...

All right it's been a while since the last update, and most of you probably don't give a rat's ass anymore (god knows I don't)


I added a new sig from the anime Eureka 7

Once again....JOIN THE FORUMS angry angry angry

23 Jan 2006 by Andy

HUGE update...

umm...lessee...I finally got around to uploading Phil's 3d lamp project for animation so go check it out in the 3D model's section.

Also 2 new signatures uploaded, both are from the game Magna Carta.

A new Tenjou Tenge vector wallpaper...

Now you can view the images of the 3d models before downloading

re-organizing, and I will add descriptions for the wallpapers in the near future.

Join Forums angry
Join Forums angry
Join Forums angry
You Joining Yet? angry

06 Dec 2005 by Andy

New Banner

hmm...someone *cough* Bojan *cough* wanted me to update this I present to you....a craptacular Elfen Lied banner.

now to end of with my usual


Oh btw, once again....JOIN THE FORUMS....I'm gonna start doing this at the end of each news post...hopefully subliminal advertising works....well...maybe not subliminal...

21 Nov 2005 by Andy

New Forums

Since our forum has been loooong dead, we have decided to shut it down and merge our forums with So anyways feel free to join the forums if you like graphics, games, tech talk, anime/manga and a whole lot of other things.

anyways....please join....

16 Nov 2005 by Andy

New Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpaper

So uh yea...took about 15-30 mins a week for the past month to finish this..soo anyways..check it out

01 Nov 2005 by Andy


This site is on Hiatus until further notice, no new graphics from me will be added until then...

sorry, I just can't just keep leaving my school projects till the last day anymore, so chances are slim this site will be updated anytime soon (unless Phil or Bojan have anything to upload)

15 Oct 2005 by Andy

Some New Sigs...

I added some new sigs, trying out some new smudging and erasing techniques...

anyways...... smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile

12 Oct 2005 by Andy

FMP TSR Wallpaper added...also new sig

yea, this wallpaper wasn't really made by me...I just kinda leeched off dhias work XD

and also new sig yea...go check it out

03 Oct 2005 by Andy

Bleach Wallpaper know the drill...

now back to playing BF2....

26 Sep 2005 by Andy

In case you hadn't noticed...

There's a new layout, I just got sick of looking at the last one, because it looked...uh...whats the word for it...Ugly. Anyways I know this ones no better, but meh...

I'll also make a new banner and take my time with it doesn't look like shit like the other 2 did.

on another note: I've also added manga and anime downloads...I'll update them to the latest episode or chapter next week...

anyways I'm off to La~La~Land now tongue

20 Sep 2005 by Andy

New Final Fantasy Wallpaper

as the title states, go check it out

19 Sep 2005 by Andy

New Wallpaper..

As the title states, new wallpaper, from the series "Tokko"


16 Sep 2005 by Andy

Final Fantasy VII AC Graphic Thing...

In light of the recent release of the movie (also because I was bored) I made some kind of graphic's piece for it, featuring cloud. Anyways, check it out in the "Miscellaneous" section.

15 Sep 2005 by Andy

Donate to the buy phil a tank fund!

Anyway, my new school really sucks balz. Just for some stress relief, i'd like to raise money to buy myself a surpluss russian tank, possbily a t80 or something, so i can go on a rampage and destroy the entire school. smile

11 Sep 2005 by Phil


Andy do you really think you'll attract people to join the forums by telling them they are dead. ...baka... dont listen to him people its just not extremly active cuz we only about 14 or so and like 4 of us are the moderators. We all know each other in school so we don't talk too much there but its not completly dead, there is some activity. Please join we would very thankful if you did. And if you advertised in other forums, irc channels. and to whoever, however you want. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

09 Sep 2005 by Bojan

Ummm....Now About the Forums....

It's pretty much dead right now...soo..uh...maybe some of you who visit might consider joining? You can download some Anime and Manga from there...among other things...anyways, go check it out and please consider joining...It really is pretty much dead right now...

08 Sep 2005 by Andy

Another Avatar and Banner added

This one was a request, anyways, its a GSD Ava/Banner with Destiny and Legend yea

wheeeee........ laughing

08 Sep 2005 by Andy

New Banner and Avatar

Um...yea, new Tenjou Tenge Avatar and banner...this time it's not Maya laughing


07 Sep 2005 by Andy


I accidently deleted the news archive, so...anyways new layout, blah, blah, so on, so on, anyways...carry on people...

06 Sep 2005 by Andy