About Us


Description - teh lazy one that likes to burn things

Status - {Currently in college, second year, first year of program}

Some Info: Flim student, Will not disclose anymore information without permission.


Description - the lazier one that likes to explode things

Status - {Currently in college, second year, first year of program}

Some Info: Considered very hostile, anti-soocial and a cynic. Before Grade 11, was good for and at nothing. Then discovered animation in high school, thanks to a great high school teacher who influenced all three of us. Also could not draw for shit during high school. Was then tutored by a chinese artist for 1 year and a half...now here I am...somewhat of an illustrator...but not really. Currently in a 4 year bachelor of applied arts program at Sheridan College. Did not consider art seriously until I met Chang, Phoenix, Dong, and Jason who along with my site-mates, constantly inspire me to better myself as an artist and a person.


Description - the laziest one that likes even more to explode things

Status - {Currently in college, first year}

Sine Info: Art Fundamentals Student, Will not disclose anymore information without permission.

About the Site

so far this site has gone through 5 layouts including the current one v4.0

This one was done during my html/css learning stages, with no Macromedia Dreamweaver, no Adobe Imageready, only notepad, and very noob photoshop skills. It took about 3 days to completely comprehend what the tutorials were talking about(yes, I'm slow...) and by the end of those two weeks, this is what I came up with. This layout lasted about 1 week.

This layout was done after I discovered the wonders of Adobe ImageReady. My god was it a livesaver, though I was still using notepad to make modifications it still saved me a shitload of time ...With my noob photoshop skills, I began creating the layout using brushes downloaded from deviant art, and the pen tool. This is what become of that...At the time,I was very satisfied...this layout lasted for about 3 months.

I did this layout because I had just learned about glossy rollovers and thought they were "teh shit" but, it turns out I was wrong...at first I was pretty satisfied, but as the days went on, I really began to dislike the layout, the glossiness and the way it was slapped together made it look sooo noobish...I had to get rid of it. This layout lasted 9 days.

Despite being very bright, I was very fond of this layout, after my friend gave me Macromedia Dreamweaver, I just had to test it out. So anyways, I made the layout in photoshop, exported it to Imageready. Dreamweaver then saved me shitload of time by coding the links for me And I also decided to design a spiffy new Splash/Selection Screen...this layout lasted the longest out of all the layouts, lasting a whole year... the reason that it lasted so long was partly because of my fondness towards it...and partly because I'm a lazy bastard.

The fourth layout is the one you are currently viewing...I changed because this site was due for an overhaul, and also because Bojan bugged me to do it... a few months back. This layout also has a spiffy new splash/selection screen...how long will this one last...that's depending on my lazyiness, and how fast I grow out of it... Edit: oops....grew out of it...lasted about 8 months